baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 33 weeks

33 weeks


baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 33 weeks


Hey there! Happy 33 weeks, I am so late posting this  but I am going to blame pregnancy for being a slacker! It has been a great week, we potty trained Ariana over the weekend so baby #2 can have diapers. Ok, just kidding but seriously I only want one baby at a time.  But Ariana caught on SO fast and after one day she had the hang of using the potty. #proudmommy. This week I have visited the chiropractor two times, after talking to my midwife at last weeks appointment she recommended a family chiropractor. The baby was basically resting on my bones in the front and my hips were popping all the time, so I was more than happy to comply! Seriously every pregnant mom should go and get adjusted, it made a world of difference and I feel like I can make it the last 1.5 months without going crazy! The other new thing is we finally started attending our birthing classes, which I really enjoy learning about baby and all getting ready for having this little princess.


How far along? 33 weeks – Baby is about 4lbs the size of a pineapple!

Stretch Marks? Nope, nada.

Fun fact: Every pregnant mama should see a chiropracter! Why did it take me a 1.75 pregnancies to find out how awesome/helpful they are!

Best moment this week? After getting my hips adjusted I could actually stand up without any pain!

Anything making me sick still? It has been a great week, I am all about naps these days. Seriously lots and lots of naps.

Symptoms? Tiredness. Also if I am sitting upright for too long I start getting a little anxiety and feeling as if I cant breathe. Idk if its just the position of the baby, or if I really cant breathe but I just try and avoid sitting for too long. 😛

Cravings – Oatmeal, apples and Chic-files frozen lemonade frosties.

Weight gain? 24 lbs pounds.