DIY magnolia wreath


Hi friends, I love crafting and using what nature provides to make beautiful thing for my home. Today I put together this tutorial so you can make your own holiday wreath! So let’s get started. 

What you need:

  • 12″ wreath base
  • Leaves
  • Hot glue gun

I found up my supples at Michael’s for under $6 and the leaves I picked in my backyard. 

Start by picking out the largest leaves and angling them about 2 inches apart. Glue into place and hold for a few seconds.

Continu glueing the outside row of leaves until you have completed the circle. 

From here you add another 2-3 layers. Continuing to angle as you go. Allow the glue 10-15 minutes to fully dry before hanging. 

Crepes for Breakfast

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I woke up hungry for crepes so I had to make some, I’ve never made crepes before so this was all a huge experiment. I found a yummy looking recipe off Pinterest  and whipped up some batter in my blender, 5 crepes later I think I came up with something resembling a crepe. For the cream I whipped heavy whipping cream, vanilla and cream cheese. To finish I topped it with fresh strawberries and had a little picnic with Ariana. 


 Thanks for stopping by! If you want to see more images you can visit my photography website. Shinybox Photo

Christmas cookies + my baking tips


What is Christmas without cookies for days?! It’s been rainy and cold for the past few days so this was the perfect indoor activity to keep us busy! Plus Sofia was napping so baking was almost therapeutic. 

This is a fun and easy cookie recipe that I love and the buttercream frosting is ridiculously amazing.  

Sugar cookies

Heat oven 375*

1 cup *softened* butter

1 cup sugar

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

1 egg

2.5 cups flour

1 tsp. Vanilla

Whip butter and sugar until fluffy, mix in the egg, vanilla and baking powder. Add flour until soft dough forms. 

  • You can chill your dough {I skipped that step} and for 0 mess, roll out on parchment paper and cut out shapes. 
  • Cook 8-10 or until cookies are slightly golden on the edges. 

Buttercream Frosting

1/2 cup soft butter

1/2 tsp vanilla

1-2 Tablespooms milk

1.5-2 cups powdered sugar

Whip on high until fluffy. Add food coloring for different colors and use mini chocolate chips for buttons! 


Baby Beauty +tips for soft curls and tangless brushing. 

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Hey guys, Ariana and I got to chatting about her busy baby curls, and we wanted to share how we stay clear of tangles, plus our favorite products to keep this style tear free and frizz free all day!

To start we have a long 2o minute bath, this is essential for relaxing and plenty of playtime. I don’t know if this is horrible but I  only shampoo if there is food or something in Ariana’s hair. On a normal day I grab whatever conditioner I am using and massage it in. Little girls are not super oily so it works, next we rinse and find a tiny towel and wrap up that mop of brown hair.

Once the towel falls off .04 seconds later we know its time to brush. You must invest in one of these wet brushes, I also use a wet brush and it blew my mind how amazing and easy it is to brush out hair! I found my wet brush at Marshals, but you can find them everywhere.

Next we apply two pumps of TRESemme  nourish rituals, this just helps smooth all those curls and keep her hair calm all day. We have been using this soft oil all year and I’m not sure they sell it any longer but any Argon oil should work.

To finish we part on the side, and throw on a cute headband. I also do the same thing with baby sofia, she loves getting her hair brushed and after I brush her hair I let her have some belly time so her hair won’t dry funky in the back.

Hopefully Arian’s advice and experience can help you next time you go to pull out the brush, we all want to avoid baby crocodile tears.


Lot of love

~Emily, Ariana & Sof.


Six weeks postpartum


Hey everyone! Last Thursday I was six weeks postpartum! I am feeling great, “almost” back to how I felt pre-pregnancy. I still have the Linea Negra, it is slowly fading but still visible. Apparently not everyone gets this but I definitely do! I didn’t get any stretch marks on my belly, and due to good genes, moderate weight gain and steady exercise throughout my pregnancy my abdomen is almost fully healed and the bump is long gone. I seriously cannot believe there was a little girl in there 6 short weeks ago. So for now its all’bout dat base and the boobs 😉  I am still about 7-8lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight but that is slowly going down each week and once I get back in to my workout routine that will help tighten up all the muscles that got a vacation the last 6 months or so. I was able to get in my first real work out last week and I was sore for about three days, but it was the best feeling I could imagine!

I wanted to talk a little bit about nursing, I love feeding my baby and have had a great experience “so far” in nursing both of my babies. In the first ten days I had a huge oversupply but after a week and half I normalized and have enough to feed Sofia without any sort of discomfort or being engorged. [happy dancing] Nursing definitely feels easier the second time around and I would say I am almost a pro at it, or rather Sofia is! 😉 We nurse on demand, no schedules for this little one. At nighttime we nurse every 3-4 hours and during the day it ranges from every 30 mins to every other hour. Sofia is good at sleeping during the night and getting lots of milk during the day.

If anyone is looking for a cute nursing cover I highly recommend your click your way over to Covered Goods! I am a huge advocate of nursing your baby and feeling free to feed your baby in any setting, but the only person I want seeing my boobs is the guy I married. This cover is designed with 360* coverage as well super comfortable and easy to use! And did I say pretty?!

Last of all I am still seeing my chiropractor about once a week and after having a baby inside me for 9 months its nice to have all my bones back in the right place, I feel a little better everyday! I have had some back aches from nursing but some simple exercise as well as supported nursing positions has made a world of difference.


This comfy T is from Target and the workout pants are from Reebok.


And this dress, because I felt gorgeous in it.

IMG_1055     Shirt is from Loft and these comfy Silver jeans are sold HERE 

baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 27 weeks

27 Weeks

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baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 27 weeks

baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 27 weeks

baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 27 weeks

baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 27 weeks

baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 27 weeks

I found this lovely maxi style dress last weekend at Target, I usually shop clearance so I cant link to the dress. But like a lot of mommies and stylists just be sure and check out the clearance rack in the back corner of Target and you can probably find this dress. It was just $14 and so comfy, I ordered a few other maxi dresses from and I plan to wear those for the next 13 weeks so I don’t have to think about waistbands.


How far along? 27 weeks – Baby is about 2.5lbs.

Stretch Marks? Nope!

Best moment this week? So many good moments but really it is about learning to enjoy every moment with this little girl in my belly.

Anything making me sick still?  I think sickness is long gone, but Ill keep you posted if it comes back.

Food Cravings? Oatmeal, orange juice and steaks. plural.

Symptoms? Lots of baby movement, nights are getting longer and my bladder is getting smaller.  Another thing is everyday I have less and less space so after eating a regular size meal I feel so overstuffed and full makes me super uncomfortable. I will just turn into a little snack machine for the last month of baby #2!

Weight gain? 18 pounds. (onward)

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Candles & Coffee

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I really missed my daily latte while on Holiday travels, but we are back home now and life is once again ready to give me delicious lattes. Baby and I are spending the day baking fresh whole wheat bread, drinking lattes and doing a little shopping.  I picked up some of my favorite candles from Kirklands, the scent is Cafe Mocha by Cobblestone Candle and it will make your home smell so delicious and welcoming!  ❤ Go buy one of these candles and I promise you will LOVE it.


We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.


candle, kirklands, favorite scent, cafe mocha, yummy, smells, scentslatte, coffee, coffeeaddict, candle, kirklands, favorite scent, cafe mocha, yummy, smells, scents