Sofia Turns ONE

Baby, Lifestyle

For a first birthday we do everything, a cake smash and photo session. We even a had donut party! This first year of life completely changes a family and we loved every minute as we celebrated this tiny person. I don’t want you to ever grow up Sofi, I love you!

Happy Birthday Sofia Quinn, you are the sweetest baby in the world.

Sofia Turns One-13Sofia Turns One-16Sofia Turns One-19Sofia Turns One-20Sofia Turns One-23Sofia Turns One-31Sofia Turns One-39Sofia Turns One-41Sofia Turns One-56Sofia Turns One-60Sofia Turns One-65Sofia Turns One-68Sofia Turns One-78Sofia Turns One-92Sofia Turns One-100Sofia Turns One-104Sofia Turns One-107Sofia Turns One-115Sofia Turns One-116Sofia Turns One-128Sofia Turns One-130Sofia Turns One-135Sofia Turns One-136Sofia Turns One-137Sofia Turns One-141Sofia Turns One-144Sofia Turns One-153Sofia Turns One-154Sofia Turns One-155Sofia Turns One-157Sofia Turns One-163Sofia Turns One-165Sofia Turns One-167Sofia Turns One-169Sofia Turns One-173Sofia Turns One-175Sofia Turns One-177Sofia Turns One-183Sofia Turns One-185Sofia Turns One-187Sofia Turns One-191Sofia Turns One-200Sofia Turns One-203Sofia Turns One-205Sofia Turns One-207Sofia Turns One-216Sofia Turns One-218Sofia Turns One-236Sofia Turns One-250Sofia Turns One-2Sofia Turns One-2-2Sofia Turns One-2-3Sofia Turns One-2-4Sofia Turns One-2-5Sofia Turns One-2-6Sofia Turns One-2-7Sofia Turns One-2-8Sofia Turns One-2-9Sofia Turns One-2-10Sofia Turns One-2-11Sofia Turns One-2-12Sofia Turns One-2-13Sofia Turns One-2-14Sofia Turns One-2-15Sofia Turns One-2-16Sofia Turns One-2-17Sofia Turns One-2-18

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