Baby Beauty +tips for soft curls and tangless brushing. 

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Hey guys, Ariana and I got to chatting about her busy baby curls, and we wanted to share how we stay clear of tangles, plus our favorite products to keep this style tear free and frizz free all day!

To start we have a long 2o minute bath, this is essential for relaxing and plenty of playtime. I don’t know if this is horrible but I  only shampoo if there is food or something in Ariana’s hair. On a normal day I grab whatever conditioner I am using and massage it in. Little girls are not super oily so it works, next we rinse and find a tiny towel and wrap up that mop of brown hair.

Once the towel falls off .04 seconds later we know its time to brush. You must invest in one of these wet brushes, I also use a wet brush and it blew my mind how amazing and easy it is to brush out hair! I found my wet brush at Marshals, but you can find them everywhere.

Next we apply two pumps of TRESemme  nourish rituals, this just helps smooth all those curls and keep her hair calm all day. We have been using this soft oil all year and I’m not sure they sell it any longer but any Argon oil should work.

To finish we part on the side, and throw on a cute headband. I also do the same thing with baby sofia, she loves getting her hair brushed and after I brush her hair I let her have some belly time so her hair won’t dry funky in the back.

Hopefully Arian’s advice and experience can help you next time you go to pull out the brush, we all want to avoid baby crocodile tears.


Lot of love

~Emily, Ariana & Sof.


2 thoughts on “Baby Beauty +tips for soft curls and tangless brushing. 

  1. So glad I found this post! My daughter also has curly hair and lately I felt like the brush/comb thing I was using was yanking her hair making it break and actually become frizzy!! Need to look for that wet brush, thanks!!


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