Little Baker


I am a mommy, and most of the time being a mom comes naturally. I love my babies, I feed my babies, I buy cute and adorable clothes. But sometimes I have to stop and make sure I am not missing anything. Growing up my sisters and I loved baking! My mom never really had sweets in the pantry so if we wanted cookies, we would pull out our measuring cups and spatulas. I loved looking through the Betty Crocker cookbook we had and find yummy recipes that I wanted to create. Cookbooks are basically Pinterest right? Last week I was browsing the baking aisle, thinking about how I rarely bake sweets because I know how easy it is to eat an entire batch to cinnamon rolls by myself! (Why put myself through that right) but I know Ariana would love if I took the time to show her the steps of baking. And I can foster my secret dream of having a child prodigy and in two years she can be on Master Chef Jr! :p So I grabbed the ingredients we would need to make cinnamon coffee cake and gave Ariana the introductory into the world of sugar mixing, cinnamon crusts and spoon licking.

Little Cook-1

Little Cook-2  Little Cook-3  Little Cook-4  Little Cook-5  Little Cook-6  Little Cook-7  Little Cook-8  Little Cook-9  Little Cook-10  Little Cook-11
Little Cook-13  Little Cook-14  Little Cook-15  Little Cook-16  Little Cook-17  Little Cook-18  Little Cook-19  Little Cook-20  Little Cook-21  Little Cook-22

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