baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 23 week.

23 Weeks


baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 23 week.

baby, expecting, its a girl, pregnant, pregnancy, pregnancy blog, mommy blog, 23 week.


23 weeks and counting! I move onto week 24 in just 3 more days so I am just about 16 weeks away from my due date. I am doing really great, but have been feeling so much more pregnant these last few days!  I took a few selfies from my 22-23 weeks belly {Posted above}. Changes I have noticed is a huge craving of fresh fruit, mainly pineapple, apples and oranges. Not even kidding I have bought and eaten four fresh pineapples in the past week alone!

I gained another two pounds since my last update, which just means none of my jeans fit and every morning my closet is a place of despair. I have converted my favorite color to black shirts, black pants and black sweaters. Not that I am so huge, but my belly is about the same size as my rear and my boobs. So I end up looking and feeling like a square of oddness. In my next decade of life, I might start a maternity line for people with my kind of belly shape. -my personal diagnosis of belly-square syndrome.

Baby is doing great! I don’t have another appointment until next week but I know baby Bautista is growing and dancing the salsa every night when I am trying to go to sleep. A sure sign of a healthy pregnancy I’m sure. I do 3-4 workout a week, I do a lot of elliptical. Some lifting with weights and lots of stretching.



How far along? 23 weeks four days!  Baby is about the size of a large Mango.

Maternity Clothes? Still just my jeans, I spent an hour at Maternity store but the bump is just not big enough yet. (good problem right?)

Stretch Marks? Nope, no, nada. Still not using special lotions or anything but I will soon!

Best moment this week? I was trying to take a picture of my bump from a bump and it was totally crooked, at least it made for a good laugh.

Anything making me sick still? Lack of sleep, if I stay up past 10 or 11 I feel so tired its almost ridiculous.

Food Cravings? Fruit, Pineapple and more pineapple.

Symptoms? My hips and lower back have been hurting, not because of the size of the baby but because all of my joints are so loose already from pregnancy hormones. If I do a big workout or spend too much time running around, cleaning or working on projects I get really sore and cant move once I sit down.

Weight gain? I have gained 14 pounds since the start of my pregnancy.  I have nothing more to say about weight except that while gaining weight is healthy  and really a good thing its still kinda sad. 😛


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